The UAT (ex CERIDE), one of the most important Regional Centers in the country, is oriented to meet research, education and manufacturing requirements. It depends upon the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) and upon Ministry of Science, Technology and innovative products (MinCyT).

. Dr. Raquel Chan is its present Director
UAT (ex CERIDE)'s aims are the following ones:

     * To provide the adequate conditions for scientific and technological research.

     * To assist and serve Research & Development (R&D) groups performing their activities at R&D Institutes located in the region. Also, to assist manufacturing and service companies.

     * To foster research groups' interactions.

     * To establish ways leading to the transference of knowledge and results to social groups and manufacturing companies.

     * To provide the location for post-graduate University activities in the areas of its specialties.

      UAT (ex CERIDE) has highly trained personnel and high-technology equipment, unique in the region, thus securing total reliability in its technological services and projects' development, not only for research but also for manufacturing and service companies and Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations.

    Güemes 3450 - S 3000 GLN - Santa Fe-Argentina - Tels: +54-342-4558450-451/4555447, Fax: +54-342-4550944

     Predio del CCT - CONICET- SANTA FE, Paraje el Pozo
Ruta 168 - Santa Fe - 3000 - Argentina Tels:+54-342-4511546/7 - 4511594/6

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